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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: PCTEL Introduces the Rhino™ HDGLDLTE-LFF Heavy-Duty Multiband LTE MIMO Antenna with High Rejection GNSS.

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: PCTEL Introduces the Rhino™ HDGLDLTE-LFF Heavy-Duty Multiband LTE MIMO Antenna with High Rejection GNSS. PCTEL's rugged Rhino™ design provides maximum shock absorption for high impact applications and defends against damage from extreme environmental conditions or exposure to vandalism. The antenna also features PCTEL's proprietary high rejection GNSS technology that provides precise GNSS timing and tracking accuracy, even in the presence of interference. The Rhino™ dual LTE antenna provides optimal 4G LTE coverage in a single, low-profile housing. The antenna also incorporates PCTEL's unique high rejection GPS/GLONASS technology for optimal performance and support of carrier voice and data networks. Glass reinforced Polycarbonate housing and heavy-duty metal base plate makes this antenna extremely rugged and ideal for heavy equipment applications…

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Sensaggio Absolute Pressure Sensor

New ceramic pressure transducer completely designed, industrialized and manufactured in Italy. The ratiometric pressure transducer utilizes a piezoresistive Wheatstone bridge with a chemically etched ceramics diaphragm. Features: • Casing - Brass, Aluminium, SS - Packard M10x1,25; 7/16"- 20 UNF • Voltage output 0-5V • Absolute Pressure Range of 0-700 (psi) & 0-46 (bar) • Media of air, gases or liquids • Resistant to extreme temperatures • Excellent hysteresis • High accuracy • Fast response time and excellent surge resistance • Suitable for HVAC-R refrigerant gases; also for new gas HFO 1234ze, R1234yf, R407c, and related oil. • Suitable for critical applications, with aggressive fluids • Compliant with RoHS and Reach regulation - UL and TS certified Applications: Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Consumer, Aviation/Defense

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PCTEL's GEO-GNSS-AC-S1 is a robust, active, high performance antenna covering both GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 frequency bands. PCTEL's proprietary filtering design allows wideband coverage while achieving superior out-of-band rejection. This antenna is ideal for performance in critical asset tracking and network timing synchronization applications. Features • GPS L1 & GLONASS L1 Frequencies • Custom-Tuned Micro Helix Element • High Rejection Filtering • 26.5 dB Gain • IP67* Ingress Protection Applications • Defense • Radio Communications • Handheld Devices • Body Worn Asset Tracking • Public Safety Emergency Responders • Industrial Network Synchronization

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40 dB Gain GPS L1/GLONASS L1/GALILEO E1 Timing Antenna with Integrated Lightning Protection The GPSGL-TMG-SPI-40NCB timing reference antennas are specifically designed for long-lasting, trouble-free deployments in congested cell-site applications. The low noise, high gain amplifier is well suited to address attenuation issues associated with applications requiring longer cable runs. The proprietary quadrifiliar helix design, coupled with multistage filtering provides superior out-of-band rejection and lower elevation pattern performance than traditional patch antennas. This multiband antenna covers GPS L1, GALILEO L1 as well as GLONASS E1 frequencies. The unique radome shape sheds water and ice, while eliminating problems associated with bird perching. The antenna comes with surge compliant mounting that addresses industry grounding requirements. The antenna also features ESD, reverse polarity…

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NEW Anti-Wetting Supercapacitors from Vinatech

VINATech are rolling out a proven solution to combat effects of Extreme environments Radial EDLCs are facing challenges when installed in equipment that regularly exceeds the recommended +65c temperature, especially when combined with high humidity conditions. A growing number of applications from around the globe are realising this "Wetting Phenomenon" when products in the field are returned, especially areas like the Middle East , West Africa, Central America and parts of Asia. Applications include Automotive and Tracking, UPS, HVA, SSD, Building controls and numerous AMR solutions. VINATech's development engineers have re-invented the EDLC technology in the 2.7v and their popular 3v series to overcome this Industry wide Wetting Phenomenon and have now exceeded over a year of constant trials with 30…

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Seven Band Graphic Equalizer Display Filter The seven band graphic equalizer IC is a CMOS chip that divides the audio spectrum into seven bands. 63Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.25kHz and 16kHz. The seven frequencies are peak detected and multiplexed to the output to provide a DC representation of the amplitude of each band. No external components are needed to select the filter responses. Only an off chip resistor and capacitor are needed to select the on chip clock oscillator frequency. The filter centre frequencies track this frequency. Other than coupling and decoupling capacitors, no other external components are needed. The chip supply can be between 2.7 and 5.5 volts with 5 volts providing the best performance. The device has very low…

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