40 dB Gain GPS L1/GLONASS L1/GALILEO E1 Timing Antenna with Integrated Lightning Protection

The GPSGL-TMG-SPI-40NCB timing reference antennas are specifically designed for long-lasting, trouble-free deployments in congested cell-site applications. The low noise, high gain amplifier is well suited to address attenuation issues associated with applications requiring longer cable runs.

The proprietary quadrifiliar helix design, coupled with multistage filtering provides superior out-of-band rejection and lower elevation pattern performance than traditional patch antennas. This multiband antenna covers GPS L1, GALILEO L1 as well as GLONASS E1 frequencies.

The unique radome shape sheds water and ice, while eliminating problems associated with bird perching. The antenna comes with surge compliant mounting that addresses industry grounding requirements.

The antenna also features ESD, reverse polarity protection and transit voltage suppression.