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Vinatech introduce the new 16V Standard Snap-In Module: the VEM16R0606QG

Features - Ultra-low internal resistance - Highest power performance available - Over 500,000 duty cycles - Compact, rugged, fully enclosed splash proof design Typical Applications -Automotive - Industrial - Telecommunications - Transportation - Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - Wind turbines For more information, please contact

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PCTEL’s solution for accurate testing of 5G dual polarization beamforming is available now!

Dual polarization beamforming techniques are widely deployed on 5G networks worldwide, but they pose a challenge for traditional drive and walk test systems. The PCTEL solution features a specially designed horizontally polarized antenna and new signal processing techniques that enable PCTEL® scanning receivers to capture dual polarized signals in a manner similar to a mobile phone, while maintaining the accuracy and performance of a purpose-built scanner. Best of all, you can use your existing PCTEL HBflex™( PCTEL OP710 HBflex Dual Polarization-Ericsson 2.5-6 GHz BS 5G NR firmware upgrade option) or PCTEL IBflex® (OP706 IBflex Dual Polarization-Ericsson 2.5-6 GHz BS 5G NR firmware upgrade option) scanning receiver for dual polarization beamforming testing. See the copy of the latest PCTEL Scanner Antenna Brochure which…

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BT2000 Awarded European Distributor of the Year 2020 by PCTEL Inc.

We are delighted and proud to announce that Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd has been awarded the prestigious distinction of "European Distributor of the Year 2020" by PCTEL Inc. We are extremely proud of our long-standing relationship with PCTEL. It is a huge honour for the BT2000 team to be recognized for our continued work which resulted in exceptional business growth in 2020.

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Introducing the VINATech VPC Series Hybrid Lithium Ion Capacitor

VINATech has launched a new family of 3.8 Volt cost effective, Hybrid Capacitors, with ultra- low Leakage Current. This Vina Pulse Capacitor (VPC) Hybrid Capacitor now offers Higher Voltage and Lower Self discharge Characteristics. Features of VPC • - Low Self Discharge • - Wide Operating Temperature Range • - High Operating Voltage • - High Capacitance The new Hybrid Capacitor (VPC series) has been developed utilising standardised supercapacitor production processes for this advanced technology. The VPC series, an environmentally friendly Hybrid Capacitor, has been developed to reduce costs against more expensive Pulse Battery technologies whilst offering significantly lower ESR with longer life, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents from similar sizes and comparable Battery based technology.

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The Benefits of Supercapacitor and Battery Hybrid Systems

Supercapacitors and batteries are both essential components of hybrid systems, which are becoming increasingly important as we move towards a more sustainable future. While batteries are excellent for storing large amounts of energy over extended periods, supercapacitors excel at delivering short bursts of high-power energy quickly. When combined in a hybrid system, these two technologies complement each other perfectly. One of the main benefits of using a hybrid system is that it allows for greater energy efficiency. By using a supercapacitor to handle short-term energy spikes and a battery to provide sustained power over time, energy waste can be minimized, and the system can operate more efficiently overall. This is especially useful in applications such as electric vehicles, where both high-power…

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PCTEL Introduces the MLPV5000 5G NR (FR1), WiFi 6E, Low Profile Antenna for Industrial IOT and Smart Cities.

The PCTEL MLPV5000 supports the world's leading 5G NR, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi 6e devices supporting frequencies from 600 MHz to 7.1 GHz frequencies. The high efficiency MLPV5000 supports the high-speed requirements of complex RF communication systems used for Intelligent Transportation, Industrial IoT and EV Charging applications The MLPV5000 features an IP67-rated, attractive, compact housing that makes the antenna ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. It can handle up to 150 W of power with a maximum gain of 9.6dBi over the 5925MHz - 7125 MHz range and features vertical/linear polarization. It measures 3.28" x 1.43" (83 x 36 mm), weighs 0.29 lbs (0.13 kg) and is recommended to use with high-frequency cables. It has two recommended high efficiency mount options;…

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MSI & VINATech - Free Energy Harvesting

Free energy harvesting application case study Energy harvesting is taking energy that exists in the environment and converting it to power. The most common forms of energy that are harvested consists of solar power, wind power and hydroelectric power. Power can be harvested from radio frequencies or vibrations. Below, we explain how the MSRFIF Radio Frequency Front End IC can be used to harvest energy from radio frequencies or vibrations to charge a VINATech Lithium Hybrid Supercapacitor. The application requires minimal external components. A means of capturing the frequency, a Piezo device, etc A diode (D1) may be needed on the VDDA output to prevent any leakage current on the VDDA pin to drain the VPC supercapacitor and a 3.8V Zener diode (D2) to ensure that the…

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The New PCTEL Gflex™ scanning receiver

BT2000 is excited to announce the next-generation PCTEL 5G network testing solution, the Gflex™ scanning receiver. The Gflex scanning receiver is probably more powerful, more portable, and more flexible than 5G and mmWave-capable scanners currently in the market. The Gflex makes drive testing and walk testing more efficient, enabling testing of multiple operators' 2G-5G networks with a single compact unit. With its unique set of capabilities, the Gflex scanner is designed to support a wide array of government applications such as signal intelligence, coverage mapping, and interference detection. Key features include: • Measures up to 120 5G channels simultaneously • Expanded frequency range (10 MHz-8 GHz, 24-48 GHz • 20/100 MHz wide step IF filter measures the full 5G bandwidth • Tests 5G and 4G concurrently with zero performance degradation • Easy, automatic…

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New PCTEL PCTMAG-HD-NF Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount with N Female Interface

BT2000 are pleased to announce the addition of the new PCTEL PCTMAG-HD-NF to the heavy-duty magnetic mounts platform. The PCTMAG-HD-NF is used with PCTEL's BMHO (N Male interface) and BOA (N Male interface) base station omnidirectional antennas for mobile and fixed installations under high vibration conditions such as agriculture tractors, mining trucks and forestry vehicles roofs and fixed cabinet locations in mining. Product Highlights: • Extremely rugged magnetic mounts platform • Easy to install • Robust magnet pull strength properties that keep antennas firm under high vibration conditions • SAE J1455 environmental standards compliant • Ideal for outdoor installations subject to severe environmental conditions Applications: • Outdoor Installations …

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Introducing the NEW Sensaggio SM Series Absolute Pressure Sensor measuring 0-70 bar with 4…20mA output

The Sensaggio SM Series Pressure sensor is designed for the industrial/hydraulic markets. It is manufactured to work with all liquids and gases that are compatible with the wetted materials. The sensor, based on piezoresistive ceramic technology, features a number of configurable options including process connections, pressure ranges and wetted materials The Sensaggio pressure sensor offers a low impedance current output which provides excellent electrical noise immunity (EMI/RFI), ideal for transmitting signal over very long distances. FEATURES Performance Resistant to extreme temperatures, excellent hysteresis, high accuracy, fast response time and excellent surge resistance Compatibility Suitable for most media, HVACR refrigerant gases, also for new gas HFO 1234ze and related oils Resistance Suitable for critical application with aggressive fluids Flexibility Customizable with different materials, connectors and transfer functions Compliance Compliant with RoHS and REACH…

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