NEW Anti-Wetting Supercapacitors from Vinatech

NEW Anti-Wetting Supercapacitors from Vinatech

VINATech are rolling out a proven solution to combat effects of Extreme environments

Radial EDLCs are facing challenges when installed in equipment that regularly exceeds the recommended +65c temperature, especially when combined with high humidity conditions.
A growing number of applications from around the globe are realising this "Wetting Phenomenon" when products in the field are returned, especially areas like the Middle East , West Africa, Central America and parts of Asia. Applications include Automotive and Tracking, UPS, HVA, SSD, Building controls and numerous AMR solutions.

VINATech's development engineers have re-invented the EDLC technology in the 2.7v and their popular 3v series to overcome this Industry wide Wetting Phenomenon and have now exceeded over a year of constant trials with 30 second cycling at 65c 90rh with no effects of Wetting. The NEO series is ready to combat affects of extreme environments.

The new series is being promoted will cover 1 Farad to 100F in Radial options

- Pin for Pin compatible with standard series
- Temperature range -40~65c (extended to 85c when de-rated)
- Low ESR
- 2.7v and 3v options
- 500,000 cycle life
- First real Anti Wetting solution

To learn more about using EDLCs in extreme environments, please contact the sales office