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The New PCTEL Gflex™ scanning receiver

The New PCTEL Gflex™ scanning receiver

BT2000 is excited to announce the next-generation PCTEL 5G network testing solution, the Gflex™ scanning receiver.

The Gflex scanning receiver is probably more powerful, more portable, and more flexible than 5G and mmWave-capable scanners currently in the market. The Gflex makes drive testing and walk testing more efficient, enabling testing of multiple operators' 2G-5G networks with a single compact unit.

With its unique set of capabilities, the Gflex scanner is designed to support a wide array of government applications such as signal intelligence, coverage mapping, and interference detection.

Key features include:

• Measures up to 120 5G channels simultaneously
• Expanded frequency range (10 MHz-8 GHz, 24-48 GHz
• 20/100 MHz wide step IF filter measures the full 5G bandwidth
• Tests 5G and 4G concurrently with zero performance degradation
• Easy, automatic channel detection on the go with mobile blind scan

The Gflex™ scanning receiver is available to order and expected to ship December 2021.