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Within Broadband Technology 2000 (BT2000) Ltd, our team work seamlessly to provide the Best Technology, Best Support to the Best of Quality controls. Our resulting range of Best in class products, mean that we can offer our customers a solution for every application.

Consequently, our portfolio of high quality products are used in various industries; from control systems in satellites and space probes for exploring new planets to more diverse applications such as the use of tiny components fitted into the human eye to control Glaucoma.

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We have just received the antennas. Thanks a lot, we got them quicker than first expected as we need them now :-) Happy to order again soon.

Thank you for your immediate support of our material dispatch.

Received the parts this morning, now they are being fitted to the PCBs and we should have enough time now to test them and fit the PCB into its product before the end of the day……Phew! Once again thanks for a great service.

Thanks again for literally ‘delivering the goods’ in our hour of need – you will certainly be in the top running for us with regard to any further orders. The kit was released to the shop floor yesterday and is in production right now – if it were a simple…