About Sensaggio


Sensaggio Technologies, based in Rozzano (MI) Italy designs, manufactures and distributes ratiometric, Absolute Pressure Sensors.  The pressure sensors, based on piezoresistive technology using ceramic materials are TS , IATF and UL certified.

PERFORMANCE: resistant to extreme temperatures, excellent hysteresis, high accuracy, fast response time and excellent surge resistance

RANGE: 0-700 (psi) 0 - 46 (bar)

OUTPUT: 0 to 5V, 4 to 20mA

MEDIA: Air, Gases and Liquids

Sensaggio produces a ceramic pressure transducer completely designed, industrialized and manufactured in italy.

Sensaggio's sensor, over the past two years has been approved by four major car manufacturers and, exploiting the cost structure needed to be competitive with OEM car manufacturers, it was offered to the industrial (portable applications) and hydraulic sector.

The 0-5 Volts output has been in the market for years with excellent results; the configurations 4..20 ma output and pressure + temperature sensor have just been released.

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