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PCTEL's HQ and Antenna Division based in Chicago, design and manufacture Performance Critical Antennas for 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, GNSS/GPS, LMR, Tetra, and multiband solutions. Their markets include; Public Safety, Defence, Military, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Broadband Wireless and SCADA solutions. Brands include MAXRAD, BLUEWAVE, WI-SYS, SPARCO WIRELESS & SMARTEQ WIRELESS. Covering 27MHz to 7.1GHz Frequency Range, with upto a 10 year Warranty.

PCTEL's RF Test and Measurement Division based in Germantown, design and manufacture HBflex™, IBflex®, and MXflex® RF Telecom scanning receivers which provide measurements for network planning, testing, and optimization. They are used to verify and improve the performance of wireless networks worldwide, including 5G NR, LTE, and public safety technologies. PCTEL scanning receivers support a variety of network engineering activities, including spectrum clearing, baseline testing, model tuning, network planning, network commissioning, acceptance testing, competitive benchmarking, troubleshooting, and network optimization. They integrate easily with third-party software and are supported by PCTEL's own Engage™, SeeHawk®, and SeeWave® tools.

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Smarteq a PCTEL Company - Brochure
Smarteq - Product Overview
Smarteq- Product Overview Brochure
Smarteq - Automotive Antennas
Smarteq - Smart Metering & IOT Antennas

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PCTEL Scanners Brochure
PCTEL SeeGull IBFlex Scanner Manual
PCTEL IBFlex Scanner Brochure
PCTEL SeeGull HBFlex Scanner Manual
PCTEL SeeGull HBFlex Brochure
PCTEL SeeGull MXFlex Scanner Manual
PCTEL SeeGull MXFlex Scanner Brochure
PCTEL SeeGull GFlex Scanner Brochure
PCTEL Scanner Antennas Brochure
PCTEL SeeHawk Monitor Brochure
PCTEL Seewave Interference Locating System Brochure
PCTEL Tx2440 mmWave Transmitter Brochure

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