Our Power range at Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd, allows us to supply the technology to control & monitor high power generators to miniature energy harvesting applications. Our connectors, magnetics / cable harnesses / printed circuit boards are the conduit which links these units together.

With any new device or product you are wishing to design, we are here to help select, guide, progress and supply our components to meet your expectations& requirements. If you are unsure what product is best suited for your application, or require any information, please feel free to contact us, where a member of our team will be able to help you with your request.

Super Capacitors


We offer high capacity Vinatech Supercapacitors Applications Wireless Communications, IoT , Security, Medical , Regenerative technology and Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Range 0.5 Farad to 500 Farad with capability to 6000 Farad from Single cells to modules. Link to Vinatech=http://www.bt2000.co.uk/manufacturers/Vinatech

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