Introducing PCTEL’s newly acquired Smarteq Wireless antenna product range.

Introducing PCTEL's newly acquired Smarteq Wireless antenna product range.

BT2000, (PCTEL European distributor of the year 2020) are proud to introduce PCTEL's newly acquired Smarteq Wireless antenna product range.

Smarteq Wireless AB (Part of PCTEL), based near Stockholm, Sweden, provides antennas for Industrial, Energy and Vehicle markets. The antenna frequency range is 27MHz to 6GHz, for outdoor/indoor use, and for external/embedded solutions.

Smarteq supplies antennas for vending machines, parking meters, and other M2M applications for Industrial corporations. Many of the antennas are multi-purpose that can be used for several different applications.

They supply their Energy segment customers antennas for smart metering (water and gas), charging poles for electrical vehicles, and back-up batteries.

They are a specialist provider of completely concealed and high performing antenna solutions for numerous Vehicle applications. This includes completely concealed, embedded antenna solutions for automotive. Their references include Bentley (all currently produced models), VW Touareg, VW Phaeton, antennas for SIRIUS SDARS, and more.

They also develop and deliver low-profile antennas to buses and off-road vehicles such as forestry machinery, where robustness, reliability, and high performance are necessary features. Other customers include system integrators and telematics companies.

All Smarteq product development and R&D resources are based in Stockholm.

All applications including smart metering, luxury vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, industrial factory process automation, heavy construction, off-road vehicles require antennas that meet the high standards for performance, reliability and robustness supplied by Smarteq.

Having a background in the Automotive industry ensures that they have all the logistics processes for high volume roll-outs in place and relevant certifications, such as IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

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