The Memsic (analogue or digital) 1,2 & 3 axis, low power, low noise version contains a small heater in a silicon sealed cavity; thermocouples determine where the heated gas reaches within the cavity and the deflection off the centre is a measure of the acceleration applied to the sensor, thus the device is extremely useful in rugged, harsh environments where it is used to measure tilt, acceleration and rotation.

The TDK InvenSense 3 axis, low power accelerometer (only available combined with the gyro) is sensitive to the direction in the plane of the die (by integrating two devices perpendicularly on a single die and adding another out-of-plane device three axes can be measured).

Military, Automotive, Diggers, Cranes Lifts, Gaming/ Toys, Line Card: Memsic & InvenSense Gyros

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