Product of the Week: Fox 3

Product of the Week: Fox 3

Advanced and Fully Customizable Vehicle Tracking Device

FOX3 is compact, all-in-one device combining all features of the successful Fox-IN/EN family into one single unit. It offers extensive wired interface such as USB 2.0, RS-232, RS-485, CAN, OBDII and wireless communication channels: CSD, SMS, TCP, UDP etc.

The built-in internal antennas are automatically turned on if the external antennas are tampered with. The FOX3 will dramatically simplify your logistics as well as the installation process and the post-installation support.
The FOX3 provides you periodical speed reports, multiple overspeed alert / threshold, multiple overspeed duration / counter, combination of speed data with coordinates, date, time, heading and other parameters. These statistics on the driving behavior allow you to make decisions and increase safety, reducing maintenance and fuel consumption.
The FOX3 has multi configurable power-saving and sleep modes and even a battery smart charge & monitoring feature (temperature, state, voltage). Using the "Doze mode" (CPU and GNSS hibernate; GSM on), the "auto mode" (GSM, GNSS, CPU stand-by depending on load) will result in reduced power consumption, preventing the vehicle battery to drain and extended operating time.
FOX3 offers multiple remote management and DOTA options. With D2Sphere device management services fleet administrator can check device firmware integrity, manage available firmware version and generate delta firmware update in a matter of second. Secure DOTA with AES128 encryption, as well as automatic delta retry in case of power or network interruption allows maximum security for fleet operator.

Main Markets:
- Fleet Management
- Eco Drive
- Car Sharing