InvenSense ICM-20789

InvenSense ICM-20789

InvenSense ICM-20789: High Performance 6-Axis MEMS Motion Sensor and Pressure Sensor Combo

The ICM-20789 is a 7-axis Motion Tracking device that combines a 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, a pressure sensor, and a Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP) in a 4 mm x 4 mm x 1.365 mm (24-pin LGA) package.

• User-programmable interrupts
• Wake-on-motion interrupt for low power operation of applications processor
• 4 KB FIFO buffer enables the applications processor to read the data in bursts
• On-Chip 16-bit/24-bit ADCs and Programmable Filters
• Capacitive pressure sensor technology with stable temperature performance
• Noise and current consumption
o 3.2 Pa @ 1.3 µA (LP mode)
o 0.8 Pa @ 5.2 µA (LN mode)
• Pressure sensor current at 1.3 uA to support always on applications
• Host interface: 400 kHz Fast Mode I2C
• Digital-output temperature sensor (x2)
• Nominal VDD operation at 1.8V
• RoHS and Green compliant

• Drones
• Wearables
• IoT
• Industrial Applications

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