InvenSense Universal Evaluation Board

InvenSense Universal Evaluation Board

The UEVB is used to evaluate most of InvenSense's current motion sensing (gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers) products. It covers applying the UEVB to a larger system, and requires the understanding of key signals and circuit functions, hardware jumper settings, and port connections.

The UEVB may be used by itself utilizing SPI or I²C serial communications interfaces. Alternatively, it may be connected to the InvenSense ARM Controller Board (EV_INVARM_D) for connectivity to a host computer via USB interface.

The UEVB was designed to support up to 9-axis MPUs (Motion Processing Units) with a built-in compass (MPU-92xx). Connecting an external compass board to the UEVB may require the user to connect their third-party compass to the UEVB via its auxiliary I2 C bus.

The UEVB is populated with an external compass, and can access the main or auxiliary I2 C bus lines provided by the sensor (AUX_DA and AUX_CL) via resistor options.

The UEVB provides up to nine axes of motion sensing comprised of:
• Digital-output of 3-axis gyroscope with user-programmable full-scale ranges
• Digital-output of 3-axis accelerometer with user-programmable full-scale ranges
• Digital-output of 3-axis magnetometer
• On-chip temperature sensor
• Data is measured using on-chip ADCs and is transmitted over I²C or SPI interfaces

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