Product of the Week: Maestro Wireless Evaluation Boards

Product of the Week: Maestro Wireless Evaluation Boards

The GPS/GLONASS Evaluation Kit EVA5100-A allows an easy evaluation of Maestro SiRFstarV GPS/GLONASS receiver module A5100-A by offering quick access to the serial ports and the most important I/O lines of the module.
The EVA5100-A can especially demonstrate that an active GPS/GLONASS antenna connected to the Antenna Input will result in outstanding GPS/GLONASS performance.

The EVA5100-A serves three major purposes:

1- To support an easy temporary design in.

The signals provided on the Evaluation Kit allow direct integration into a surrounding system making it an ideal development tool.

2- As a demonstration package of the modules

Powering the A5100-A GPS/GLONASS receiver module via the USB connector and connecting the GPS/GLONASS antenna with sufficient view to the sky will result in an NMEA output with position information.

3- As an example how to integrate the module into a system

The EVA5135-H contains a USB interface with according drivers to connect easily to a PC. The USB interface is an extension of the serial port 0, therefore sending NMEA sentences and accepting commands. At the same time, it provides power to the module. Accompanied by an antenna, it offers a ready-to-go set.
For the development of new software and applications, the Evaluation Kit also provides NMEA messages on CMOS level via a terminal plug.

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